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INTRO Music Festival / Shanghai

WEAREPICTURES designed the stages for electronic music festival INTRO in the vivid high tech electronic music scene of Shanghai/China.



Muriquee is a community for moving creatives and musicians to book and arrange events world wide. The platform is build upon a NodeJS framework and MongoDB. The Frontend is Angular2TS powered and just the beginning of a series of high end Web Applications made by us. Request invitation on

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EDMT wins ZKM App Art Award

We are very proud to announce that we won the App Art Award of ZKM. EDMT was awarded the Artistic Innovation Award and featured broadly around the German and international media scene. We are now ready for our first shoot-off, called “FACES” which will possibly roll out very soon.

The Bloop – Booking on a Map

WAP is proud to announce joining forces with Loophole, Berlin to develop one of the most needed tools for touring performing artists, promoters and venues alike. Request an invitation now!



Drafted by the Sagemeister decibel Manuel Bürger we realized a super minimalistic catalog for our favourite art book publishing house operated by what was formerly known as ShakeYourTree, Florian Bayer, Sebastian Haslauer and Manuel Bürger himself. We combined 90s web aesthetics and modern technologies to create a Emirate Airlines like shopping experience. Key features are a constantly reordering grid-system and randomly inserted zero purpose advertisment. Learn to fly:



Shalom Salon

This catalog website is aggregating independent bandcamp accounts without hosting any data. Each release is directly linked to an artist or labels bandcamp shop system.

Shalom Salon-2015


We started working on EDMT designed by VJ Fader. Learn more about this turly new audio visual instrument and experience on