Portfolio Projects

Envaris GmbH

For the photovoltaic service provider we realized and designed a CI and web implementation with a strong focus on readability. www.envaris.de

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Pommery / ProWein

We have been commissioned to adjust Pommery’s italian country house styled ProWein booth.


Volvo VIP Lounge / Hotel Starling, Geneva 2014

We are specialised in delivering high quality 2D plan drawings of your visions. For our Zürich based partner Konform we have been providing plan drawings for the Volvo VIP Lounge in Geneva. All WAP plans are ready for production and in rich in detail.

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Envaris Pop Up Booth

For photovoltaic service provider Envaris we drafted a mobile pop up showcase with inflatable displays and easy to carry aluminium stands with integrated touch screens. The concept was to provide even a single sales manager to setup the entire booth.






IWC Event

For the complex location design of the IWC gala 2014 we manufactured plan drawings for the entire event. The stage was designed by Konform and had to be suitable for a risky performance by world re-known Cirque du Soleil.



Roche Manager Meeting 2014

Every year Roche is inviting their managers to a festive gala. We were commissioned to render a room concept by Konform, Zürich.



Tata Dome / WEF, Davos 2014

We designed and visualised the interior for the night cab of Tata Consultancy Services at the World Economic Forum in Davos.